My mission with this blog is to document my current curriculum and methodology. I believe that change in education will come from data driven practices. I intend to archive here: course syllabi, curriculum maps, unit maps, lesson plans, forms, resources, process, methods, systems, results, and reflections. I will be documenting my teaching this year for the following subjects:

  1. Economics Survey & Personal Finance, 12th grade
  2. U.S. Government & Civics, 12th grade
  3. Introduction to Computer Technology, elective

I invite feedback, collaboration, and peer review. All course planning and assessments are free to use under creative commons licensing. However, some of the content for these classes comes from copyrighted materials and its inclusion and reference is solely for educational purposes.

I believe the general methods of instruction and assessment are applicable to a variety of subjects and content. The resources and texts chosen should not be viewed as essential. I believe with focused objectives, the specific readings become rather interchangeable. A focus should be given to student inquiry and research beyond any definitive text.

    • D.Oltman
    • June 24th, 2010


    I’m currently designing a personal finance and economics curriculum for elementary students. I’d love to see more from your map! Thanks,

    D. Oltman

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